Centrifugal Fan - Industrial - KHLE

KHLE (Single width single inlet housed fan)


  • Fully welded steel wheels available in 15 types of design (including material handling).
  • KHLE fan is available in direct drive (AMCA #4, #5 or #8) or belt driven (AMCA #1 or #9) arrangements.
  • Standard fans are fully welded carbon steel, and painted with epoxy. Also available upon request are hot dip galvanized or stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 executions.
  • Standard fan operates to a maximum temperature of 212 degrees F., available with accessories for up to 750 degrees F.


  • Flow rate of up to 117,000 CFM and a differential pressure up to 90 inches WG.
  • “Customized” solutions for the OEM and industrial client with 15 wheel designs that utilizes the same housing design.
  • Discharge position is on 90 degree steps for up to the 40 inch wheel, and in 45 degree steps for wheel sizes 44 through 63 inches.
  • Truly a “workhorse” for multiple applications in the industrial market.