Centrifugal Fan - ANPLAMCA Air Performance and SoundCentrifugal Fan - ANPA AL

ANPL / ANPL AL (Single width single inlet direct driven plenum fan)


  • Continuously welded and painted steel impeller with 8 backward curved blades (ANPL, size 10’’ to 55’’) or welded aluminum impeller (ANPL AL, sizes 10’’ and 25’’).
  • New rotating diffuser impeller design on all the sizes.
  • All impellers are statically and dynamically balanced to a grade of G=2.5
  • Galvanized or painted inlet cones designed for optimal airflow through the impeller
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation available


  • Suitable for applications up to 11” WG SP and volumes to 80,000 CFM.
  • The new rotating diffuser design slows down the air and allows a static pressure regain.
  • Aluminum wheels allow smaller motors selection
  • Efficient in array installations
  • Class I and class II on steel impeller sizes 28’’ to 55’’.