Centrifugal Fan - Industrial - MAZ (TZAF 1120)

MHZ & MAZ (Double width double inlet Housed fans)


  • Fully welded, DWDI backward curved (MHZ) or true airfoil (MAZ) wheel designs available for semi-industrial applications.
  • Wheel sizes available from 12 inch through 70 inch diameters.
  • Impeller and shaft statically and dynamically balanced at Grade G2.5.
  • Fully welded housing, reinforced and painted with corrosion resistant epoxy.
  • Bearing support is a separate component. It can be easily removed, as the inlet cone, for easy access to the wheel. The housing is then left in place.


  • Fans are suitable for applications up to 16 inches WG SP, and 275,000CFM.
  • TE in excess of 80% for MHZ and MAZ fans.
  • Upon request, stainless steel and hot dip galvanized construction is available.
  • Excellent selection for naval industries, off shore installations, the electronics sector, and when heavy duty HVAC applications call for a semi-industrial quality fan.
  • Can also be supplied to meet ATEX Directives.
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