Centrifugal Fan - ATLI

ATLI (Double width double inlet forward curve housed fan)


  • Galvanized FC impeller with tab locked blades. Diameters from 7” to 40”
  • Impeller secured to shaft with precision machined hub with keyway and locking set screw
  • Impellers are statically and dynamically balanced to G=6.3
  • Galvanized housing with built-in inlet cones
  • Housing spot welded up to size 18’’, with Pittsburgh closure from size 20”
  • Class I and class II versions available (as per AMCA operating limits specification 99-2408)


  • Suitable for applications up to 8” WG SP and volumes to 91,000 CFM
  • Flexible applications and temperature range of -22°F to +176°F
  • Easy interchangeability with ATZAF models thanks to standardized dimensioning.