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Aeolus4 release

26 26UTC abril 26UTC 2016

Comefri USA is please to announce the release of Aeolus4, the new version of our selection software.
Aeolus4 isn’t just an update of the old software (AeolusPlus), it has been reprogrammed from scratch to streamline the selection process, be more user friendly, and achieve many other improvements, for example:

• it is no longer needed to go back and forth between several screens because everything is on one Aeolus4_NoSfondoscreen now, in particular housed and plenum fans can be selected within the same screen

• the different performance classes of the fans are now displayed in the main selection window

• partial width plenum fans have been added

• a sample image of the selected fan and a preview of the graph are displayed in the main selection window

• motor selection is automatically calculated for direct driven fans and can be customized by the user, if the option “no VSD” is selected the working point at the motor nominal speed will be indicated on the data sheet

• the output data sheet is produced all at once and can automatically include the graph, the fan dimensions when available, and the motor selection for DD Plenum Fans.

• the update process has been greatly simplified: there is an update button on the main window that will let the software check for updates in a repository managed by Comefri and if it finds any it will install them.

Aeolus4 is freely available for clients. Download instructions for it can be requested on the «Downloads» page of this website.

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